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LAS VEGAS (Pocket-lint) - The biggest tech event in the calendar, CES (formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show), rolls around each and every January, bringing heaps of new announcements and product launches. 

While the 2021 event was rather different - like many shows and launches since early 2020 - the organiser of the show, the US Consumer Electronics Association (CTA), has announced a full return to Las Vegas for CES 2022, though there will be an online element as well. 


"We're thrilled to return to Las Vegas - home to CES for more than 40 years - and look forward to seeing many new and returning faces," said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the CTA. "Hundreds of executives have told us how much they need CES to meet new and existing customers, find partners, reach media, and discover innovation."

However, mere weeks and days ahead of the show kicking off, various companies pulled out of physical attendance, citing the ongoing world situation as reason. The CTA says that it will be reviewing guidelines for safety measures, but that the show will go on - albeit for one day less than usual.

All the announcements that matter from CES 2022

CES is the first opportunity for many companies to show off their products for the coming year - as well as showing off future technologies. While it's dominated by big brands, it's also an opportunity for smaller companies to showcase either great inventions, or products that, quick frankly, will never see the light of day again. 

That's why we're focusing on the products that actually matter from CES, the stuff you need to pay attention to. While CES is running, we'll be updating this feature on a regular basis.

Pocket-lintces 2022 photo 11

Acer at CES 2022

Acer has announced updated Chromebooks, with the Spin 513 getting a 3:2 panel to give you more display space, while also running on MediaTek's Kompanio 1380 processor. In addition, Acer has updated the Chromebook 315 and Chromebook 314 with better displays and touchpads.

Acer has also teamed up with National Geographic to bring us a version of the Aspire Vero laptop that's designed to be more sustainable, with much more recycled materials used in its production - and the box it comes in doubles as a laptop stand. There's also new Predator gaming laptops.

Biggest of all, however, is the company's Swift X 16, which is its first to use Intel's Arc graphics.

AMDces 2022 photo 14

AMD at CES 2022

During AMD's Product Premiere livestream event the company revealed a mass of new products including everything from new Ryzen CPUs to mobile GPUs. Top of the stack is the Ryzen 6000 series, though, which the company claims to be the world's most advanced PC processor.

Arlo at CES 2022

Arlo has announced the Arlo Security System, which draws all things Arlo together. Core to the new system is a multi-function sensor which can detect when doors or windows are opened, motion, changes in light or temperature, water leaks, or smoke or CO2 - so you can basically use a number of sensors around your house to compliment the Arlo cameras you already have. Then there's a keypad to activate the system, also integrating an alarm, but also supporting NFC so you can arm and disarm by tapping your phone on it.

Asusces 2022 photo 16

Asus at CES 2022

Asus has gone all out with the Zenbook 17 Fold which opens to reveal a 17-inch display, stretching across the entire interior. You can then use the onscreen keyboard to interact. It also comes with a separate Bluetooth keyboard and you can fold it and use it like a 12.5-inch device instead, so it offers many ways of working.

Then there's updated Zenbook models, including the Zenbook 14X OLED Space Edition, a special edition of the thin and light laptop, lovingly pitched as something you might take to space.

Elsewhere, the company's ROG brand has shown off a tablet that doubles as a gaming machine, the ROG Flow Z13, while there are also new Zephyrus models.

Eveces 2022 photo 10

Eve at CES 2022

Eve is best known for going all-in on Apple's HomeKit and the addition of the Outdoor Cam and MotionBlinds will help expand that offering to make those Apple homes smarter.

Pocket-lintces 2022 photo 7

Garmin at CES 2022

Garmin has announced a number of updates, including a new version of the Venu smartwatch. The Garmin Venu 2 Plus integrates a speaker and microphone, supporting calling as well as voice assistants from your phone - making it a much smarter Garmin watch. 

There's an update to the Vivomove too, Garmin's hybrid watch, now emerging as the Vivomove Sport. It has hands like a normal watch, but still offers a range of smart features, like heart rate tracking and sleep monitoring.

Hisenseces 2022 photo 18

Hisense at CES 2022

Hisense is going big on Mini LED, looking to increase the brightness, with the new 75-inch U9H doubling the peak brightness of the model it replaces. Google TV, 4K HDR, 120Hz refresh rates and support for standards like Dolby Vision and Filmmaker Mode grace Hisense's 2022 televisions, with U8H step-down models giving a range of sizes of Mini LED screen to choose from.

Hisense has impressed in recent years - and this could be one of the more affordable ways to get the latest TV tech in 2022.

Intelces 2022 photo 13

Intel at CES 2022

Intel's processor business typically reveals its annual refresh, with 2022 bringing in many more 'Alder Lake' CPUs - the company's 12th Gen chipsets. There's also more info around Intel Arc, the company's discrete graphics option, which other companies - such as Acer (above) - have revealed in their CES 2022 product launches.

Lenovoces 2022 photo 17

Lenovo at CES 2022

One thing that caught our eye was the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential, which now moves over to offering an Alexa, so it's essentially an Alexa bedside clock. That's sure to be popular, but most of the attention will be on Lenovo's laptop updates.

That includes the Yoga 9i with its flexible hinge, ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 with a secondary 8-inch display and the latest Legion gaming laptop which offers an adaptive refresh rate for the display.

LGces 2022 photo 2

LG at CES 2022

LG has pulled the covers off new TVs for 2022, including a new generation of OLED Evo models. The flagship will be the LG OLED G2, which will now be available up to 97-inches, with the promise of better AI-driven performance and brighter output. It will also be available in 55, 65, 77, and 83-inch sizes.

At the other end of the scale, the new LG OLED C2 will drop down to 43-inches, making it an ideal choice for gamers or those in smaller rooms. The C2 is likely to be the most popular family of LG OLED models.

There is also a new 8K Mini LED and flagship Signature OLED 8K, the 88Z2.

L'Orealces 2022 photo 6

L'Oreal at CES 2022

Technology keeps marching into haircare (just ask Dyson) and L'Oreal wants to make colouring your hair at home easier with the Coloursonic. This device lets you load colour cartridges into it and then has oscillating bristles to apply it to your hair. There are 40 shades to choose from and should help move beyond the plastic gloves and inevitable dyed towel that normally comes with home hair colouring. For now this is just a showcase of the technology, but we're eyeing a 2023 launch.

Mercedes-Benzces 2022 photo 9

Mercedes at CES 2022

Mercedes used CES 2022 to unveil the Vision EQXX concept. The aim of this car was to focus on efficiency, with a 100kWh battery that's 50 per cent smaller and 30 per cent lighter than other batteries used in, for example, the EQS. That, combined with aerodynamics and other optimisations, helps Mercedes hit the expected 620 mile range with this concept model. Apparently, we'll see a road-legal version prove this come "spring 2022".

NVIDIAces 2022 photo 12

Nvidia at CES 2022

We were expecting top-end and we certainly got that: Nvidia revealed the RTX 3090 Ti, with faster memory and performance, which is expected to cost up to a couple of thousand per card (that's TBC). If that's too hefty on your wallet, however, then at the other end of the scale the company also revealed the entry-level RTX 3050 GPU.

Panasonicces 2022 photo 3

Panasonic at CES 2022

Panasonic has announced a new flagship OLED model - the LZ2000, which will be available in 55, 65 and 77-inch sizes. The large size is a new addition. As with previous models, Panasonic pushes the "Hollywood" side of things, with a pro configuration offering picture optimisations and adjustments for ambient light temperature. There's also a collection of gaming features with their own control menu - and as this is the flagship model, there's an integrated soundbar offering Dolby Atmos.

The company has also shown off the MeganeX VR goggles, designed to be much more compact than many other options out there.

Qualcommces 2022 photo 15

Qualcomm at CES 2022

With Qualcomm having hardware in many technology devices, CES is often a core destination for all things connected. Although Qualcomm announces its big mobile news at Snapdragon Summit, CES 2022 was instead a platform for launching automotive products. It confirms that the next-gen Volvo SUV will have Qualcomm Cockpit inside, for faster still interactions with its Google Android operating system.

Samsungces 2022 photo 4

Samsung at CES 2022

Samsung has used CES 2022 to introduce the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, its new, more affordable, smartphone available in a range of colours and giving fans what they want - power, a great display and affordable price. 

Samsung has also shown off its 110-inch Micro LED TV which is bezel-free, while there will be updates to both Neo QLED and Lifestyle TVs, offering better contrast mapping and on the lifestyle TVs, with much better glare reduction.

The company also revealed the Freeestyle, a portable projector designed to give you a screen anywhere you go.

Sonyces 2022 photo 5

Sony at CES 2022

Sony has pulled the covers off its Bravia XR range of high-end TVs and it looks like a logical update to the models offered in 2021. That sees an 8K Master Series flagship, the Z9K, in 85 and 75in sizes, but now packing Mini LED technology. This will mean greater brightness and better contrast control. It's not the only Mini LED TV that Sony will offer - the X95K (65, 75, 85in) will also be Mini LED, but only 4K. 

There are also updates to OLED models, with the Master Series A95K being the new flagship (55, 65in) offering QD-OLED, with the A90K offering smaller OLED sizes - including 42 and 48 inch - while the A80K will come in 55, 65 and 77in. In the normal LED range there are updated X90K, X85K and X80K models (in a full range of sizes), which are all 4K too. We'll have a full breakdown on the differences as soon as we can gather all the details.

One of the interesting details for this new generation of televisions is the Bravia Cam, an accessory that can tell where people are sitting, adjusting the audio and visuals to them, supporting gesture controls, video chat - and able to turn off the TV when no one is watching it.

The company's press conference, however, was a whole other ballgame: Tom Holland took to the stage to show-off a sneak preview of the Uncharted movie, due out 18 February, while PlayStation CEO, Jim Ryan, confirmed that PlayStation VR2 is coming - along with a new Horizon game, exclusively in virtual reality (trailer embedded above).

When is CES 2022?

CES 2022 will start on Wednesday 5 January and run through to Friday 7 January 2022 (it was originally Saturday 8, but the show's length has been curtailed in light of ongoing events). Expect most of the announcements to take place on Monday 3 and Tuesday 4 January as those are the press, analyst and media days. However, as we've seen before, some manufacturers will be holding their own events and these will fall outside of the official CES events. 

Who attends CES? 

CES is an industry event so the public cannot attend. But anyone connected to the consumer electronics industry can apply for a pass. In 2019 over 182,000 people attended, which was the show's then capacity. That included 69,000 exhibitors (across more than 4,000 represented companies) and almost 7,000 members of the media. The 2022 show won't be as large, due to attendance commitments, international travel restrictions, and so forth.

Writing by Mike Lowe. Editing by Chris Hall.