Consumer electronics show CES is one of the biggest tech events of the year and we expect CES 2018 to showcase a truck load of new gadgets, TVs and initiatives that'll take your breath away.

The one thing that defines CES is that virtually all the world's tech manufacturers (except Apple) get together to launch the next big thing in technology, kickstarting the trends for 2018 and showing off all the hot products to get excited about. 

We will be covering all the news that matters as it happens, as well as bringing you our first impressions and insights into 2018's tech at the Vegas show, but for now, here is what we can expect at CES 2018. 

CES 2018 runs from 9-12 January in Las Vegas, Nevada. These are the days that the show is open, however the official press day will be 8 January, which is when you can expect to see a lot of the new announcements. 

Some companies will be making announcements before this date, so expect the general news to ramp up from 7 January.

Amazon doesn't attend CES but that doesn't mean you won't hear the company's name mentioned. At CES 2017, Amazon managed to walk into just about every product thanks to its Alexa personal assistant being behind a lot of the interesting technology that launched.

We're expecting Alexa to be featured in even more devices in 2018, as Amazon continues to dominate the smarthome stage.

Asus is usually one of the first companies to make its announcements at CES. It has just unveiled the Asus NovaGo - a Snapdragon-powered Windows 10 laptop - so we could expect to hear more about the availability of this new model, perhaps with some other options.

Yes, BlackBerry is still around and though it is now under TCL for hardware, it teased its first flagship smartphone of 2017 at the show in January and TCL is confirmed to attend the 2018 show.

Exactly what this might result in we don't yet know: with BlackBerry launching a couple of devices in 2017, we wouldn't be surprised if there was a tease for a new device launching at Mobile World Congress.

Casio launched an updated version of its rugged outdoor watch, the WSD-F20 at CES 2017. It has been one of the more successful Android Wear devices so we fully expect to see an updated version that's even smarter.

The company is confirmed as an exhibitor for the 2018 show so we'd expect to see a new wearable appear, perhaps the WSD-F30?

Dell used CES 2017 to announce an exciting development of one of the hottest notebooks around, the XPS, in the form of 13-inch a 2-in-1 hybrid model.

It is confirmed to attend CES 2018 so we'd expect to see some more developments in the laptop or 2-in-1 sector, probably both.

Garmin announced the excellent Fenix 5 sports watch at CES 2017, an adventurer's watch that promised 24 hours of GPS tracking, with full support for runners, riders and adventurous types. It went on to win the Pocket-lint Gadget Award for Best Fitness Tracker in 2017, but it lacks one thing - mobile payments.

Garmin introduced Garmin Pay on the Vivoactive 3 and it seems odd for the flagship Forerunner or Fenix to offer this function. We'd expect Garmin to use CES as the chance to update those leading models.

HP used CES 2017 to announce an update to its Spectre x360 notebooks. The gorgeous 4K HP Spectre x360 was an impressive looking machine, and one of the hottest Windows devices to come out of the 2017 show.

HP has also recently announced the HP Envy x2, a Windows 10 2-in-1 powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 platform. We're yet to hear the price of that model, however, so we'd expect this, at least, to be among HP's announcements.

Chinese smartphone giant Huawei launched the Mate 9 Pro at CES 2017, which was 99 per cent the Porsche Design version of the Mate 9 but without the hefty price tag.

We've already seen the Mate 10 Pro launch in 2017 so it's not clear what Huawei might use CES 2018 to unveil, if anything, but chances are it will have something smartphone or wearable-related up its sleeve.

Lenovo announced a range of updates to its notebooks at CES 2017, including the Miix 720 2-in-1 and a smart speaker in a range of colours running Amazon's Alexa called Smart Assistant.

The company is attending CES 2018 and Qualcomm has already confirmed that we'll be seeing something from Lenovo in the Windows on ARM space - expect a Snapdragon powered laptop.

LG is notorious for making pre-annoucements before trade shows, CES included. Last year, it announced a range of products before CES started, making way for the big announcements at the show. And it seems to have started with CES 2018 announcements already.

It has confirmed that a new range of its LG Gram laptops will be unveiled at the show. They are smaller than before, thanks to slimmer bezels around the display, and can last an entire day on a single charge.

We also expect LG to launch another update to its OLED TVs, along with a number of other surprises. There has been talk of the upcoming G7 flagship smartphone appearing, though we aren't holding our breath for this. 

Netatmo used CES 2017 to announce plans to future connect your smart home. The first big announcement was a partnership with Velux, the window manufacturer, while the second came in the form of a Smart Smoke Alarm offering HomeKit and IFTTT compatibility.

The company is confirmed to attend CES 2018 so we'd expect a couple of new launches within the smart home sector from it though whether this will be another partnership announcement, a product launch or both is not yet known.

Nvidia announced a new Shield TV set-top box fully-loaded with entertainment potential, offering Android gaming, Android TV, as well as positioning itself as a Google Assistant-power smart hub at CES 2017. It also announced the Shield Spot, a little device that plugs into the wall and connects to the console via Wi-Fi, meaning you can access Google Assistant all around your house.

Nvidia is also confirmed to be attending CES 2018, like others in this list, but what we will see from the company is not yet known.

Panasonic often uses CES to announce updates to TVs and other home entertainment devices - with a fairly busy digital imaging programme in 2017, we're not expecting any major model updates for early 2018.

We'd put our bet on TV with updates to some if its high-end TVs.

Qualcomm used CES 2017 to double-down on the message that the Snapdragon 835 would be driving the flagship smartphones of 2017. With the company having just announced what the Snapdragon 845 will be capable of at its Snapdragon Summit, we'd expect CES 2018 to double down on the message that this new chip will be driving the 2018 flagship smartphones.

There will be Windows devices launched running on Snapdragon, and we may see the first Snapdragon 845 device unveiled by Xiaomi.

We also know there will be a lot more activity at Mobile World Congress 2018.

Samsung announced a refreshed range of its Galaxy A series smartphones, a Powerbot VR7000 remote vacuum cleaner, updated connected fridge in the Family Hub 2 and a new line-up of QLED TVs at CES 2017.

There have been a couple of rumours to suggest the Galaxy S9 flagship smartphone will appear at the Vegas show but we're doubtful - if anything happens around mobile, it's likely to be a tease of the device to launch at Mobile World Congress.

We do expect to see new QLED TVs though, as Samsung continues to push for television dominance.

Sony pulled a blinder at CES 2017, revealing an OLED TV - the Bravia A1 - alongside a full line-up of refreshed XE series televisions and a Ultra HD Blu-ray player.

It's not yet clear what Sony might announce at CES 2018 but the Japanese company will be there so expect a couple of new devices, probably in the TV sector and maybe even mobile.