Following the success of its Computer kit, British-based coding kit company Kano is back with three new packs to get young minds learning about the way things are made.

The three new kits are camera, which lets you build a camera and programming filters, tripwire sensors and more, Pixel, which is a grid of lights that can show sports scores, games and art, and Speaker, which is a Bluetooth speaker that lets you make music.

Like we saw with the Computer kit, all the pieces snap together like Lego and to programme code you simply drag and drop preset lines of code into order using the free software.

All three are currently seeking funding on Kickstarter where they’ve raised $135,000 at the time of writing of a $500,000 goal.

Camera kit

If you’ve seen or used Kano’s computing kit before, then you’ll instantly recognise any of the new coding kits. All are made to be colourful and fun to help engage kids and get them coding. To build the Camera kit it’s just a case of plugging all the supplied parts into the right places, connect it to the Kano brain and that’s it, you’ve got a working camera. You can add a tripwire sensor to take a picture every time someone or something goes past, but the real fun comes in the coding.

You use the free Kano Code software, which lets you programme the camera to take a picture at set time intervals, or when it’s sunny outside to recording timelapse videos.

Pixel kit

Pixel is a lightboard that can display virtually anything, including weather, stocks, scores, games, art, animations and more. Again you just clip the pieces together like Lego add the included tilt sensor and you’re done.

Speaker kit

The Speaker kit is a Bluetooth speaker and synthesizer in one. You can stream music to it, loop sounds, learn electronic music or turn it into an instrument. You can programme a drum machine and add a gesture sensor to change the volume, distort the sound and switch tracks.

All three kits are avaialble to pre-order now with a $99 pledge or you can get all three for $249 for a limited time. The Pixel kit is expected to ship in January 2017, the Camera kit May 2017 and the Speaker kit July 2017.