Blue Microphones has announced its latest addition to its collection of microphones, called the Raspberry.

Designed with a compact form, it retains much of the character of Blue mics, with an interesting design, but has been designed with portability in mind. 

That sees the body of the mic measuring approx. 120 x 38 x  36mm, with the top half wrapped in the grille, the bottom half in red leather, with that iconic Blue logo on the front.

The mic folds flat into the stand for easy portability, with a soft suede case to keep it protected. 

The stand features rubber feet for insulation against vibration on the surface it's sitting on; you also have the option of removing the stand and attaching to any quarter inch screw thread, so it can sit on a wide variety of tripods or stands.


The rear of the mic offers a Micro-USB for connection to your device of choice, with USB and Lightning cables in the box, so you can record direct to your iPhone or iPad, Android, PC or Mac. 

There's also a 3.5mm headphone socket on the rear of the mic for live monitoring of the audio it's capturing. 

There are dials on the left and right of the mic to change the volume of the headphones and gain of the mic, with the front LED changing to yellow then red if the levels are too high. 

It's certainly an eye-catching design and we've had the chance to have a brief play with the mic, confirming that it will pick up plenty of detail, although you might want to cut the background hiss with software once you've recorded everything.


Blue says that there's a bespoke internal acoustic diffuser inside the mic to cut out noise and reflections. We found it to sound fairly deep but a little flat, but we'll continue to test it in a variety of situations and see how it works out.

The Blue Microphones Raspberry will cost £169.99 and will be available from 1 November from the likes of Amazon and Maplin.