(Pocket-lint) - The Elgato Eve Energy is the company’s latest product in the Eve family of products that work with Apple’s HomeKit connected platform and lays claim to being the world’s first HomeKit-enabled switch and can control any mains-powered device.

Setup is incredibly simple: all you need to do is plug the Eve Energy into a wall socket and then plug your device into the Eve. You don’t need to set it up on a wi-fi network as it relies on Bluetooth to communicate with your iOS device. Elgato says an Apple TV 4th generation can act as a hub, too.

By using the Home app you can control devices individually or have them operate as part of a scene. And of course, because it relies on Apple’s Home platform, you can speak commands to Siri, asking it to turn the switch on or off, or to activate a scene, such as “Movie Night” or “Bedtime”.

The Eve Energy can also let you know how much energy the device plugged into it is using and report its findings in daily, weekly or monthly graphs. It will even give you an estimated annual cost.

You can buy an Eve Energy now for £44.95 and start relaxing, knowing you don’t have to get up to put the kettle on.

Writing by Max Langridge.