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(Pocket-lint) - With rumours suggesting Apple is about to ditch the headphone port on the new iPhone 7, Apple accessory make, Griffin, is hoping to offer a solution to those that want to still use its favourite headphones without the need to worry about where to plug in the headphone socket.

The new iTrip Clip Bluetooth Adapter basically lets you plug in your headphones to a small pocketable device before wirelessly connecting to any Bluetooth enabled product.

"iTrip Clip ensures users can continue using their favorite 3.5mm headphones, with no worries about if their new smartphone eliminated the headphone jack," said Andrew Biddle, Category Manager of Power at Griffin. "Not only can our iTrip Clip make any pair of headphones wireless, it also puts the convenience of a Bluetooth sound system into any car."


As the clip name suggests you can clip it on to your sleeve, shirt collar, or bag strap, and weighting just 1.41 grams should be light enough not to bother you.

Priced at £19, the iTrip Clip comes with basic playback controls, a built-in mic, and 6 hours of play/talk time. The battery offers a total of 180 hours on standby too.

Available late September, we can see this being a hit with those not yet ready to upgrade their headphones, but looking to ditch that wired connection.

Writing by Stuart Miles.
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