There's a new stud finder available that's unlike any typical stud finder you can buy from a local hardware store.

It uses Vayyar Imaging’s 3D-image sensor technology, but it's super easy to use. Simply get your hands on the Walabot DIY stud finder, then download the Walabot DIY app from the Google Play Store, and connect the accessory to your smartphone’s USB port (so, an Android device, basically). From there, all you have to do is hold it against a wall, and it'll let you see inside your walls.

The Wallabot DIY can detect not only studs but also plastic and metal pipes, electric wires, and basically anything up to four inches behind the wall. It can even sense motion, meaning you'll be able to use it in order to find mice or any other pests inside your walls. It'll visualise the actual location of whatever is there and serve up a preview via the app, so it'll prevent you from making a mistake with the drill.

The only downside to this handy smart tool is its $200 (about £150) sticker. At that price, you're better off getting a basic version if you only plan to hang a frame or two. But if you're a total DIYer, this is the gadget you need to take your home repair skills to the next level.