If you buy your partner TheTouch's HB ring, you'll always know if he or she is alive and well - no matter where they are.

The HB ring works like this: as long as you're wearing the ring, and your partner is wearing one too, you'll both be able to feel and see each other's heartbeat in real time through the rings themselves, which can be made of sapphire or rose gold, thanks to a built-in heart-rate sensor.

Most wearables come with a heart-rate sensor, but these rings are unique because they not only detect your pulse but also instantly broadcast it with lights and vibrations to another paired ring anywhere in the world. They work with a companion iOS and Android app and sync via Bluetooth. 

The whole idea is that you'll always feel connected to your loved one. It's kind of creepy, but also romantic, if you're into this sort of thing (and can afford it). These rings cost $599 a pair at the low end, but the more expensive rose gold versions retail at $2,990 for two. Ouch.

"HB Ring is simply great for people who are deeply in love," TheTouch's website explained, while also noting that the rings can also come in handy when it comes to tracking loved ones. "[It] can be also a very useful tool for people in dangerous professions such as the military, police and etc., whose lives are daily in danger, allowing their close ones to worry less, without disturbing them.

Let's just hope your loved one's battery never dies, because then you'll have a mini heart-attack too. The rings are currently available for preorder and should start shipping in 2017.