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(Pocket-lint) - Like Pokemon Go today, the Rubik's Cube was a massive craze that lasted a fair while back in the 1980s but eventually died down. People still play with the puzzle toy, but its popularity is unlikely to ever reach the heights of its launch.

Instead, a new, high-tech twist on the Cube has been announced which could revitalise the interest of a more discerning, 21st century public: Rubik Spark.

It looks similar to the Rubik's Cube. It is the same size. Seemingly has nine squares on each side and you hold it to play. However, all of the squares are white, and they don't twist or turn individually. They light up instead.

LEDs inside the Rubik's Spark light up as you rotate the cube, creating different games to play. And as well as solo gameplay, the new version has multiplayer modes.

"The Rubik’s Spark is a fun, electronic cube which includes lights and unique technology that allows the game to be controlled by tilting, turning and quick movements – we call this bubble control," said Chrisi Trussell of the Rubik's Brand.

“There are six game modes to get addicted to, five of which have 26 difficulty levels. There is also a fun extra game called Rubik’s DJ, which allows users to make their own music."

It will be available soon from toy retailers and rubiks.com for around £20.

Writing by Rik Henderson.