Okay, so this is cool. Do you have a young kid or two that's just mindlessly sitting in front of the TV a bit too much? Well, give them the latest LittleBits kit, and they'll turn into little inventors/hackers/booby-trap makers.

Hot off the success of last year's Gizmos and Gadgets kit, LittleBits has introduced a new kit that's designed to let kids rule their rooms. Inside the kit you'll find a power source, sensors, controllers, lights, modules, and several other doodads they can use to make things such as an alarm to keep their siblings' grubby fingers off their piggy banks, computers, and dresser drawers.

The Rule Your Room Kit isn't as complex-seeming as Raspberry Pi or Arduino, but at the same time, it's intricate enough to make you feel like you've produced a genius child who is capable of creating anything. There's no coding or voltage or programming involved, and all the pieces snap together via magnets. It's a perfect beginner setup for kids interested in tech and building stuff.

Watch the video below to see what else they can do with this kit. We especially like the finger-waving "keep out" sign. And if this at all interests you, LittleBits is releasing it this month, with the Makey Makey bit included, which allows kids to implement touch-activated elements to control stuff. There's also eight step-by-step guides in the box, so your kids can get some inspiration.

And all this will only cost you £99 ($99) and will be available in the UK late August.

Science, man.