When your children are young, you probably care about tracking their whereabouts and getting ahold of them, but you might not want to give them devices that let them call or access the web without supervision.

While there are a few phones and apps out there that let you monitor your child's activity and security, you'll be glad to learn about a compelling option that just popped up on crowdfunding website Indiegogo. It's called Snowfox. The interesting thing about this "trackerphone" is that it combines a phone with a GPS locator - plus it's from Haltian, a Finland company made up of former Nokia executives.

Snowfox looks like a simple, vibrant square with a speaker, lanyard, and a single button. It's loaded with tech on the inside, however, including hardware that allows it to accept 3D voice calls as well as conduct real-time GPS tracking. It also works with a complementary smartphone app for Android and iOS. With this app, you can place calls to Snowfox and get notifications about your child's location.


The trackerphone pairs with its app to let you setup a geo-fence, so you'll always know when your kid enters or leaves a specific area (as long as your kid is wearing or has Snowfox on their person, of course). Although kids can’t make phone calls, they can push a button that'll alert you to give them a call. Kids also can’t turn Snowfox off, meaning they can't purposefully evade your watchful eye.

Snowfox has a 820mAh battery, too. It's rechargeable through a Micro USB, and you should get up to a week of battery life with one charge. The idea behind Snowfox is that you should be able to get ahold of your children and figure out where they are at any time - all without having to give them devices that come with a full phone dialer and access to the internet but lack parental controls. 

If this interests you, Snowfox is on Indiegogo now and starts at $99.