Some inventions are better than others, then there are some that should never have seen the light of day. Well, maybe they should, if just to make us laugh.

From solar bikinis to a nose worn stylus, these are here to shock. Designers the world over have been creating gadgets that shock. Some might actually be of use but in the real world are they ever actually going to be used? In public? That decision is down to you, so you'll need to see what's out there. Some of them we really can't imagine in the real world outside of these images.

We've collected the most ridiculous, insane, weird and downright odd inventions that have ever been made or conceived, like the Solar Bikini (pictured above). Quite literally, as the name suggests, this bikini uses the sun's rays to power any connected device. Thanks to a USB connector a phone can be charged while sunning oneself. Plus, you know, you look like you're from the future thanks to designer Andrew Schneider's hard work. Not bad for $200 then.

While plenty of these you can't lay your hands on, not that you'd likely want to, there are some still available to buy. So if you want to treat this as your slightly off-the-wall shopping list, go for it.

Be warned some of these are shocking, one in particular which we've pushed towards the end so you can build up to get used to the insane so it isn't too much for you. Be warned.

Check out the gallery above to see everything on offer.