Paperlike is an E Ink monitor designed to act as a secondary display to give your eyes a break from your usual screen.

Chinese company Dasung made the screen as what it claims is the world's largest E Ink display at 13.3-inches. Not only that but it's also been designed to work with computer based software for faster refresh rates and clear definition between colours on its greyscale output.

The Dasung Paperlike offers a 1600 x 1200 resolution and low latency for playback of videos too. Of course this is primarily aimed at use for reading and writing where a lit display isn't really needed. The result should be a far easier experience for your eyes as it's more like looking at a real document. So for web browsing, coding, writing and spreadsheet editing this should be a viable alternative that's easier on the eyes.

Since E Ink is super low power consuming this display can be powered via a microUSB cable. That means even on the go you can take this screen and plug it into your laptop or a mobile charger for power.

The Paperlike is currently on Indiegogo where it's already smashed its goal. You can back the project for $799 to get your monitor when it's released in August. The final retail price will be $995, according to the Indiegogo page.

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