(Pocket-lint) - Remember Tamagotchi or Giga Pet?

Well, one company is hoping to bring back the digital-pet trend, but this time in the form of a water bottle. Bowhead Technology also wants to make the chore of drinking water into a game for kids, so it invented Gululu Interactive Bottle.

The interesting thing about this water bottle is that it features a display, home button, embedded sensors, Wi-Fi, and wireless charging. It needs all this tech in order to power a virtual pet that grows and evolves the more your child drinks water while using Gululu. Once you get the bottle, you must set a goal for how much your child should drink, and then it tracks your child's water intake.

The pet grows every time your child meets the set goals, and you can check progress through a companion app on your mobile device. This app also lets you put Gululu in a school mode to prevent your child from getting distracted in school. The hope is your child will like the digital pet feature so much they'll want to grow the pet and meet their daily drinking goals.


Bowhead is throwing around a study as an excuse for why you should want your child to stay hydrated. Harvard's TH Chan School of Public Health, for instance, determined more than half of US children aren't drinking enough water each day. It's unclear how much is enough, but that Harvard study linked dehydration to impaired concentration, cognition, and physical activity.

Gululu's app can still recommend how much a child should drink each day, however. It uses stats like weight, height, and location, and it even accounts for natural water loss and the water your child intakes from food. If any of this interests you, Gululu Interactive Bottle has staretd a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise $100,000. You can get an early-bird special for $89.

The bottle should retail for $99 and start shipping in September.

Writing by Elyse Betters.