In 2015, the world's largest technology companies reported revenues exceeding one trillion dollars when combined. That's a lot of money. In light of this, we've compiled a list of the top 10 largest technology companies in the world, based on their reported 2015 figures.

There are some usual suspects in the top ten, including the likes of Apple, Samsung, IBM, and Sony, but there are also a few surprise names you might not have expected to see.

Perhaps not too surprisingly, Apple leads the pack. The Cupertino company reported revenues over $233bn in 2015. Samsung follows behind, but not particularly closely, with revenues over $167.9bn within the same duration. It's worth mentioning here that Samsung also has almost double the staff and sells considerably more products and services.

Being at the top is one tough game. In 2015, to find themselves in the top 10, a company would have to have had yearly sales of over $66bn. That's something companies including Huawei, Dell, Toshiba, and Intel all failed to do. 

The list is based on revenues rather than profit which if you ask Amazon, who regularly doesn't make a profit, that's a whole different ball game.