Viv is what Siri should have been. It comes from the Siri creators and is a super smart AI that could not only kill the keyboard but can change human-machine interactions forever.

Viv is designed to finally let people ask for what they want and have it appear. If you ask Siri for concert tickets it'll pull up a booking website. Viv will not only book the tickets but will ask what seats you want and perhaps offer to book you transport there too. It does it all without opening a website or app.

The extremely exciting thing about Viv is that it could be a new gateway to content. So rather than typing in a search bar or opening an app, you'll access what you want directly, simply by talking. Just how you'd expect an artificially intelligent assistant to work.

Viv's creators sold Siri to Apple thinking that's what it would do, but the company ended up using Siri in a more gimmicky way. This time Viv is going to get made to work as intended and the big companies that hold the keys to the gateway of information should be wary. In fact they're all investing heavily in personal assistant development now plus Google and Facebook are reportedly in talks to buy Viv.

The future of talking to a computer in the cloud, just like Star Trek, appears to be closer than we think. Soon we may say goodbye to typing, swiping and mouse clicking at long last.

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