Messe Berlin, the organisers behind consumer electronic show IFA that takes place annually in Berlin in September, has launched a new event in Shenzhen called CE China.

First thoughts? God help us, not another consumer electronics show. Second thoughts? Chinese companies have been making some serious waves over the last couple of years in the western world. Offering an IFA-like show in the country responsible for a lot of the manufacturing within consumer electronics makes, well, sense. It puts western companies on the eastern radar, eastern companies are on the western radar and that's only fair right?

Companies like Huawei have made it crystal clear that they too have plenty to offer and that China isn't just about assembling devices for the likes of Apple, Sony and Motorola. CE China might be starting small, with 150 exhibitors in comparison to IFA's thousands, but it could mark the start of a closer and stronger partnership between east and west.

The idea behind the new show is to replicate the "quality of IFA in China". IFA has seen huge success over the last few years, growing significantly in importance every year as it has become the platform for numerous big announcements from the first few Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones to the beginning and end of the Sony Xperia Z line. It's a show that is essential to pay attention to, especially if you want to know what devices you should put on your Christmas list.

CE China opened its doors for the first time on 20 April, offering visitors in Shenzhen three days to see what's on offer from Chinese companies and western companies alike. It is by no means IFA yet, with the entire hall almost the same size as one of the main stands at IFA, but Messe Berlin claims it is in it for the long haul. If IFA is anything to go by, we could see some exciting things from CE China in the coming years.

Exhibitors at CE China included a range of Chinese companies, including Dlodlo, the company responsible for the portable VR glasses set to launch later this year, as well as the likes of brands including Bosch and Siemens.

We didn't see any new flagship smartphones kicking around but we did find a Hello Kitty washing machine and a connected cycling helmet that allows wearers to indicate so watch this space. 

Apple famously writes designed in California, assembled in China on its devices. With the growing rise of Chinese companies globally, we're likely to see more designed in Beijing, assembled in China.