Any self-respecting hoverboard fan knows for a board to work on water "you need power", meaning the jet powered Flyboard Air can go anywhere.

Zapata Racing has been working on jet-powered hoverboard style devices for a while but this is the first time we've seen it create a truly tether-free personal flying craft.

The Flyboard Air was shown off in a video (below) with a pilot flying around a lake seemingly with ease. The backpack he's wearing is carrying the kerosene Jet A1 fuel while the handheld remotes control the four turboengines' throttle and two more on the sides for stabilisation.

At the moment the FlyBoard Air, which has only just been created and flown, uses four 250hp engines for a total of 1000hp of power – more than most supercars. All that power is intelligently stabilised using a logic board and algorithms, as well as balance and control from the rider. So don't expect to see people nipping to the shops on these anytime soon.

That said, if one turboreactor fails, flight can continue. There are plenty of failsafes and the first flight over land will be in the next few months. Zapata Racing is hoping to break the two-mile range barrier with a top speed of 80kph.

The ultimate goal is to make this small and stable enough for anybody to use day-to-day, safely.

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