Reebok has announced that it will be releasing its Alien Stomper hi-top trainers as worn by Ripley in the Aliens movie.

The announcement follows Nike's unveil of its Air Mag trainers in real life which previously had only been seen in Back To the Future Part II. Unlike the Nike self-lacing kicks, the Reebok Stompers won't offer special skills other than being really high.

Reebok has released a version of these trainers before as a limited edition when the film came out, but never fully hi-top like in the film. The release date was set based on Alien Day, which is a thing that's trying to be what Star Wars' May the fourth is now. This date is connected to planet LV-426, famous in the Alien movies as the home of the Xenomorph creatures.

The Reebok Stompers will come in red and white, just like Ripley's were and feature three Velcro straps to affix them in place all the way to the top. There will also be a mid-top version as worn by the android Bishop in the movie.

On 26 April Reebok will begin selling the Alien Stomper footwear but you'd better be quick. Of course these will be limited edition, only available in small numbers on the Reebok website and in select shops worldwide.

Pricing has not been announced for the kicks yet but we imagine they're going to be anything but cheap, or even remotely affordable for most.

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