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(Pocket-lint) - April Fools' Day is always a big occasion for tech giants, manufacturers and retailers - they love to create many wonderful pranks on 1 April each year.

Here then are the best we've seen this year so far.


You can also check out some of favourites from previous years here: Best April Fools' Day tech jokes from the last 10 years.


JabraApril Fools Day Tech Jokes image 2

Jabra Earbud(dy) headphones

The Jabra Earbud(dy) headphones have been designed for two people to share audio on the go. Not only do they fit across a duo of heads, they feature voice assistance for two separate voices.

Jabra claims you can buy them from today for £159 from its website here. Although you can't, of course.

ThumbsUpApril Fools Day tech jokes image 3

Drone Dog Walker

Gadget retailer ThumbsUp is ranging its Drone Dog Walker for today only. It's one of many pet-related spoofs this year.

Said to cost £199.99, it features a camera, microphone and speaker so you can chat with your dog while the drone takes it for a walk. Leash control technology is built in too. A big thumbs up to, er, ThumbsUp.

ThinkGeekApril Fools Day Tech Jokes image 4

Burned Bread by Banksy Toaster

ThinkGeek always comes up with a stack of April Fools' Day gags and some even end up becoming real products down the line. We'd love the Banksy Toaster to be one of those - adding Banksy stencils to our toasted bread for ever more.

It could go alongside our officially-licenced Banksy office shredder.

JBL PartyBox 300 2.0 millennials-only edition

JBL has created a new version of its PartyBox 300 speaker, helping to combat noise pollution by making it emit a frequency that only millenials can hear. That means they can rave away while everyone else has relative silence.

"With this new technology, avid millennial partiers are able to start a party anywhere and disregard noise pollution. Of course, we haven’t forgotten about our older demographic. We’ll be launching the JBL Baby Boomerbox early next year," said JBL's professor April J Basey-Love.

ThumbsUpApril Fools Day Tech Jokes image 6

Vi-Pet iPaw

Another item of pet tech from ThumbsUp, the Vi-Pet iPaw is a catflap with a paw sensor set to their specific print. That means they can get in or out just by tapping a small area underneath.

To be honest, if paw sensing tech worked and cats could be trained to use it, this isn't as fool-hardy as it otherwise seems.

FireboxApril Fools Day Tech Jokes image 7

Flat-Earth Snow Globe

UK retailer Firebox always gets in on the April Fools' Day fun and its range of spoof gadgets and gizmos this year includes a Flat-Earth Snow Globe for those who just don't trust science.

Apparently based on the way snow really falls on the Earth, rather than the evidence to the contrary, this Snow Globe would be ideal for the true fools in your family or beyond.

Liberty GamesApril Fools Day Tech Jokes image 8

Trump v Kim Nuclear Foosball Table

When two tribes go to... play table football. Maybe the US/North Korean talks would have been better sorted through a match on Liberty Games' Nuclear Foosball.

As well as players in the likeness of Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, you get masks to wear while playing for the ultimate prize: survival.

ThinkGeekApril Fools Day Tech Jokes image 9

Captain Marvel Universal Pager

Another of ThinkGeek's 2019 gags, the Captain Marvel Universal Pager once again falls under the "could be" category.

Bluetooth-enabled, the pager connects to your smartphone and alerts you when you have a notification. Or intergalactic emergency.

RokuApril Fools Day Tech Jokes image 10

Roku Press Paws

Streaming device company Roku has also gone down the pets route with its gag this year. The Roku Press Paws is a pet-friendly remote that will give your dog or cat access to their favourite content on a Roku Streaming Stick+ or Express.

There are animal themed shortcut buttons, bark assistant technology for hands-free use, and it even includes a Sub-WOOFer.

SkodaApril Fools Day Tech Jokes image 11

Skoda ProjectaPal

Pets feature again, this time as part of Skoda's April Fools' Day joke. Its ProjectaPal system uses high intensity LED beams under the driver and passenger doors, with a specific projection being choosable through the in-car entertainment system.

The light emitted, which can be a picture or text, will then remind you of birthdays, anniversaries and even to take the bins out or dog for a walk.

Subway trials spy technology

Subway has revealed that it is trialling spy technology and techniques in order to listen in on consumers in order to create its next sandwiches.

It claims to have employed the winner of Channel 4's The Circle, Alex Hobern, as its lead Sandwidth Artist listener. There's one good reason for that, it's fairly anonymous to most.

ThinkGeekApril Fools Day Tech Jokes image 13

ROOMBY: Kirby Robot Vacuum

Man-o-man we would love one of these. ThinkGeek has again combined technology and a cool licence to propose the coolest robot vacuum cleaner concept around.

Kirby will suck up your dust, like he does with berries and other objects in the Nintendo games. He even sleeps when out of charge.

KiaApril Fools Day Tech Jokes image 14

Kia Finger Operated Optimum Level steering wheel

The Kia FOOL steering wheel would appeal to the smartphone generation, it states, with a wheel that swaps a 10 to 2 formation for left and right swipes.

Kia allegedly worked with its research partner, Automotive Premonition Research Institute Limited, on the Finger Operated Optimum Level system.

FireboxApril Fools Day Tech Jokes image 15

Fyre Festival Terrarium

Anyone who has watched the Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix will appreciate Firebox's terrarium. Those that were actually at the disastrous festival not so much.

You basically get everything you need to recreate the ill-fated party in a glass tank, including an identikit Instagram model. We're not sure of the price yet, but it'll likely leave many bankrupt.

ThinkGeekApril Fools Day Tech Jokes image 16

Motion-Controlled Mimic Package

Porch parcel theft is a big deal these days, but the Motion-Controller Mimic Package could sort that out.

Another ThinkGeek product, it reveals teeth and a giant tongue - a la the videogame Prey - when strangers approach. Hopefully it'll scare the willies out of them and far away from your property.

LegoApril Fools Day Tech Jokes image 17

Lego Find My Brick

Lego is no stranger to augmented reality, having launched its Hidden Sets app earlier this year, but its next project could be the most useful yet.

Find My Brick will help you discover certain colours in a pile of Lego bricks. As seen on the company's Twitter feed, you just point your smartphone at them and only those of that colour and shape will show up clearly. Sadly, it's an April Fools - but we so wish this was really coming.

Bolsover Cruise ClubApril Fools Day Tech Jokes image 18

Virtual Reality Cruise Holidays

Want to book a fantastic cruise holiday but can't afford it? Or maybe you suffer from chronic sea sickness? Well, Bolsover Cruise Club has you covered.

It is offering all-inclusive packages to anywhere in the world you wish to go, all experienced through a VR headset - you don't even have to leave your own living room sofa.

TruphoneApril Fools Day Tech Jokes image 19

Truphone F-SIM foldable SIM card

With the advent of foldable phones, mobile communications firm Truphone has devised the ideal SIM card for them: the F-SIM.

It too folds to suit the handsets. And, like many smartphones today, comes in different colour options. You can get the foldable SIM in steel grey and, for just £5 more, hot pink.

OnePlusApril Fools Day Tech Jokes image 20

OnePlus Warp Car

OnePlus tweeted that it is moving into the electric supercar business. Similar to the Kia FOOL system, its Warp Car can operable via a smartphone, with swipes controlling left/right directions and up and down replacing the accelerator and brake.

The phone company will also be giving away the first 3D-printed Warp Car off the production line on its Twitter feed.

Final Fantasy Omega smart assistant

We've got to hand it to Square Enix, its Omega smart assistant is actually one of our favourites this year.

Based on the ancient superweapon from Final Fantasy XIV Online, this assistant has a rather sinister side - after all, it despises human kind.

O2April Fools Day Tech Jokes image 22

The O2 becomes the O3

London's premier venue, the O2, has been rebranded O3 in honour of Drake's series of gigs there. His song, God's Plan, includes the lyric: "And you know me/Turn The O2 into The O3." So the mobile company has.

Away from the April Fools' Day shenanigans though, O2 is giving away tickets to see Drake in London on its Twitter feed.

Pocket-lintApril Fools Day Tech Jokes image 23

Google Maps Snake

It is often the case that, not only are Google's April Fools' Day gags great, they really exist - at least for 24 hours. Such is the case with its version of the classic mobile game Snake.

It can be found in the Google Maps app for iOS and Android. It appears in the menu sidebar and you can play as a Tube or overground train picking up passengers in several cities around the world. Nice.

Google Screen Cleaner

Another of Google's 2019 gags, this claims that you can keep your Android phone screen clean through a new feature inside the Files app on the handset.

That way, you don't have to wipe it yourself. It uses "geometric dirt models" and a "haptic micromovement generator" to essential shake the grime off your display. Fun times.

Tetris CompanyApril Fools Day Tech Jokes image 25

Tetris Lefty

A new left-handed mode is coming to all versions of the videogame Tetris.

"The Tetris brand recognizes that approximately 10 per cent of the population is left-handed. Rather than have left-handed players adapt to Tetris in a right-hand setting, we’ve decided to create a special game mode that flips everything to a left-hand perspective," said a Tetris company spokesperson.

Shutterstock Brick and Mortar Library

Online photo library service Shutterstock is not content with being one of the world's largest picture resources, it also wants to move into the real-world with the "world's largest" physical library too.

It will host over 250 million volumes of imagery and include an entire floor for movies. AI robots will be used as librarians. Construction will commence in 2020. Ahem.

White Rose Shopping CentreApril Fools Day Tech Jokes image 27

White Rose Mini-Shoppers self-driving cars for kids

White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds, UK, has introduced self-driving cars for kids. They just have to tap on one of the shops they want to visit and the Mini-Shopper vehicle will head straight there.

You can find out more on the shopping centre's Twitter feed.

Duolingo Push

The Duolingo educational app is taking notifications a step further for April Fools' Day. Usually, it sends you a reminder to practice your language skills in the form of an on-screen owl, Duo.

Now a new feature, Duolingo Push, sends an owl in the real-world, to ensure you get on with your learning. You can even have Passive-Aggressive Duo turn up wherever you are in order to get you back on track.

StrongbowApril Fools Day Tech Jokes image 29

Strongbow Fruit Noir cologne

Want to smell like the latest in the Strongbow range of cider? Now you can, Fruit Noir provides the smell of a freshly opened can of Strongbow Dark Fruit.

Fruit Noir: pour les hommes, pour les femmes, pour le pint...

Writing by Rik Henderson.