If the Ant-Man movie has taught us anything it's that ants are super strong. Combining that power, in a robot equivalent, has allowed six bots that weigh just 100g to pull a 1,769kg car.

The robot ants were created by Stanford University researchers in a bid to show that the combined force of smaller bots can equate to massive real-world effect.

The Microtugs, as they're called, have pulled the equivalent of six humans pulling the Eiffel Tower and three Statues of Liberty at once.

The feat is achieved by applying ant-like movements which use synchronised steady footsteps to create a powerful force. The Microtugs use ultra-sticky wheels which utilise glue that mimics the attractive force of gecko's feet.

While ants are able to pull around 100 times their own weight these Microtugs managed to move 200 times their own mass.

Imagine carrying about a set of these Microtug bots in the boot of your car next to the spare tyre. No more getting stuck broken down in the middle of the road. They might even be able to pull a car out of a situation where it's stuck in mud or snow.

The bots will be detailed in a science paper published in IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters soon so don't expect to buy your own just yet but this is a huge step forward – or lots of tiny little ones.

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