As gadgets become more valuable and we carry even more of them around with us daily, theft is a big problem. But those smart gadgets, and even people, that need to be protected are starting to benefit from a growing smart security tech front-line.

From Bluetooth padlocks to movement detection home cameras, smart security is available and affordable for all.

So if you want to lock up your bike, secure your home, keep an eye on family, or even keep your new NFC wallet enabled phone safe you may need to upgrade your security.

We've collected the best smart security solutions here to help you feel safer knowing your gear is protected.

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Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlocks

The padlock has been a staple part of a secure setup for years and more recently it's become more intelligent. Gone are the worries of finding or losing keys as all you need now is an app.

The Master Lock example uses its Vault eLock app to unlock and secure the lock using military grade encryption. But if that's inaccessible you can do it manually on the lock itself using a directional keypad. The indoor version is £69 while the outdoor model will cost you £89.

Off Pocket

A very modern solution has been created for a very new problem, digital theft. Now that most credit cards and even phones can pay using contactless payments, thieves are adapting. There have been a spate of thefts by people using credit card payment units tapped against people's pockets and bags to take money from phones and cards.

The solution is already here in the form of kickstarted Off Pocket. It's essentially a Faraday Cage phone case. You won't get any signal but your phone will also be totally safe. On top of that nobody can track you, should you want that. Of course you could always just turn off NFC, in the case of Android, but that could get annoying after a while.

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Logi Circle

Logi has created the Circle as a simple and affordable way to monitor home from anywhere. The camera is battery powered and Wi-Fi connected so it can be placed anywhere and viewed from wherever using a smartphone.

Unlike other offerings the Circle not only alerts you to movement or sounds but also creates round-up videos of the day. That way you can see everything that's gone on at a glance in a short one-minute video.

So you can monitor the home for intruders, keep an eye on a child's bedroom or monitor a naughty dog. Inspired and only £160.

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Sesame smart lock

Say goodbye to keys and hello to smart knocking. That's right the Seasme smart lock lets you knock a special combination and it'll unlock for you, recognising your smartphone. Or tap your phone and it'll unlock. Or to keep it simple, open the app and tap to unlock. All without a key.

Should you want to access the smartlock from online, to open via Wi-Fi from anywhere, you'll need the adapter. But that means you can open the door when a package arrives and you're out, for example.

Sesame is $150 or $200 with the Wi-Fi adapter and should ship for June 2016. You will need a deadlock to attach it to and then you're good to go.


Securing your family and pets is also something that modern gadgetry can help with. Trax is a GPS device that lets you know where your children or pets are all day.

Trax can fit in a pocket or on a collar and will transmit location data to a smartphone app. The battery lasts all day it'll work in 30 countries worldwide. Any amount of Trax trackers can be added to the app for multiple tracking.

You can also set up geofences so if your child or pet leave that area you'll get a notification. It'll even tell you if the child is exceeding a speed limit, say in a car or by boarding a train. This can all be scheduled too, ideal for setting it on when in school for example.

The Trax is $200 which is about £140 and that includes two years connectivity for free.

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