The North Face is a well-established brand once you're off the beaten track. Since the company's foundation in 1966, it has been associated with some of the toughest events, from polar expeditions to mountain conquests. 

With the launch of Mountain Athletics, The North Face is shifting focus from the big event to the arduous preparation that precedes that summit attempt or epic climb. For all the glory that comes with heading into the wilds to beat a speed record along a Chilean trail, or open a new route up a rock face, there are weeks and months of training that come before.

It's this preparation to which The North Face is now shifting its attention, launching the Mountain Athletics line. It is, principally, a sports apparel line that's been designed specifically for the rigours of the intense training needed for mountain sports. 

This is sports wear that's designed to give you the freedom of movement to complete specific moves for things like rock climbing, where regular sports wear might be impractical. For example, the tops are cut longer, so when you're reaching high, you're not left showing 4 inches of belly flesh.

There are practical hints across the line, with a range for women and men. Another example is the Dynamix Stretch Shorts for ladies, giving a durable outer layer combined with a flexible inner short, so you can workout without worrying about what your training gear is getting up to.

Mountain Athletics, however, is more than just a range of clothing. There's an app to help monitor and guide your training, making sure you're training smart as well as training hard.

There will also be training sessions from stores in London, Munich and Paris, run by fitness experts, to help motivate you and get you in shape for your next big challenge.

The Mountain Athletics range of apparel will be available from 22 February in The North Face stores and other retailers, as well as online.