(Pocket-lint) - Yep. You read that right.

McDonald's Happy Meal Boxes have been made into virtual-reality headsets. But don't go rushing over to your nearest Mickey D's just yet, as this promo is limited to one country at the moment (and it's not the US or the UK). Oddly, it's Sweden (of all the places!). The company has suggested to AdWeek however that this is merely the first trial run and therefore could be expanded if the box headsets end up being a hit among Swedes.

McDonald's Sweden had dubbed its Google Cardboard-inspired creation "Happy Goggles" and plans to make 3,500 of the viewers available at 14 restaurants during the two weekends of 5 March and 12 March. They won't be free; you'll have to pay about $4.10 each. For that price you'll also get access to a ski-themed VR game created by McDonalds in order to celebrate the Swedish "Sportlov" recreational holiday.

To turn the red boxes into Happy Goggles, simply tear along the perforated lines and fold. The video below demonstrates what to do. Each box also comes with a VR lens, but you'll need your own smartphone to download and run the Slope Stars VR game or any VR mobile experience.

McDonald's DIY VR headset made from its meal packaging follows news from last week about Coca-Cola experimenting with ways to convert old packs of Coke into viewers. Marketing gimmick? Yes. Do we care? No. Just gimme!

Writing by Elyse Betters.