If you're a runner or cyclist or generally active person, your smartphone is likely the bane of your existence.

Let's face it: Running is made much less excruciating when you can blast your favourite Spotify playlist. Unfortunately, it is far too easy to drop and shatter your Spotify-player, which is usually your pricey smartphone. You risk murdering your phone every day when you take it on all your outdoor activities in order to listen to tunes and exercise at the same time.

But you can't exactly ditch it for an Apple iPod Shuffle.

Yes, those little things still exist, but they have no streaming connectivity, so they are useless for those of you hooked on Spotify. Well, a team of people who previously worked at big names such as Samsung, Qualcomm, and MOG have created a solution in the form of Mighty. It looks like an iPod Shuffle, but it's smarter. It lets you listen to Spotify playlists, sans your phone.

That's right. You can leave your phone at home and go on runs with Mighty and still play your Spotify playlists. Just load the companion app on your phone, sync your playlists to Mighty via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi so that they can be played offline, and you're good. Mighty doesn't have a screen and features a rubber shell with clip, so it's much more durable and easy to wear.

It also has buttons for skipping, volume, play/pause, and playlist scrolling (Mighty reads the name of the playlist so you know which one to play). The app gives you control over device-pairing, playlist-management, etc. Mighty comes with 2GB of built-in memory, which supposedly equates to 48 hours of music. The battery meanwhile can last five hours before needing to refuel.

Mighty has just gone live via Kickstarter and needs to be successfully crowdfunded. Pledge $79 and you'll get it shipped to you in November.