Hoverboards, mini-segways, self-balancing scooters, idiotmobiles, call them what you will, there's no denying that the two-wheeled electric boards have taken the world by storm.

They have sold in their thousands and while it's not technically legal to use them on the pavements or roads of the UK, that doesn't stop us seeing a 20-something beardy-weirdy glide down the street on a daily basis.

It is, we can safely say, a craze.

Of course, with every craze that involves perambulation of some kind there follows a million and one YouTube videos and social media postings of people hurting themselves or failing catastrophically to complete the half-baked stunt they prepared. That's why we've decided to round some up for the enjoyment of everyone.

Watching others' misguided attempts at controlling new technology is a particular hobby of ours, and we're sure after the following clips, it will be one of yours too. Enjoy.

Hoverboard fail: Mike Tyson laid out by a kid's toy

Very few boxers every managed to put Mike Tyson on his backside during his ring days, but a cute, pink hoverboard manages to do it in seconds. We bet Evander Holyfield loved that one. You may have taken his ear Mike, but at least he kept his dignity.

Hoverboard fail: Dad, no!

You know how some dads cannot help themselves and have to play with their son's brand new Christmas present? Well, they shouldn't as this video attests. We happen to know anyway after suffering a bizarre Buckaroo accident one Christmas morning. We've been trying to remove the yellow plastic bucket ever since.

Hoverboard fail: Darth Vader feeling the Force then the floor

One of our favourites; Vader glides in as if floating on the Force hits the wall and face plants. We will never get tired of watching this one.

Hoverboard fail: Guess they call this the rabbit

At least she didn't fall. Ahem.

Hoverboard fail: Handstand, really?

It's hard to even describe what was going through her mind. We're glad she gave the handstand thing a go though as the end result is do darn funny.

Hoverboard fail: Racing? Why didn't we think of that

Okay, we admit, this actually looks quite fun.

Hoverboard fail: Of course I'm going to buy one now

How not to sell the latest gadget in-store.

Hoverboard fail: Some people get it, some...

...really don't. Just walk away now. If you still can.

Hoverboard fail: Grow a pair

Look, we all know how this video is going to end. What makes it worthy of inclusion is that a grown man is so scared of a mere toy. We haven't seen that since we put a Chucky doll in uncle Pocket-lint's bed that time.

Hoverboard fail: Got some cheek

These hoverboard things are dangerous at the best of times, but here's a tip for you. Try them out on slightly softer floor coverings than cold, hard concrete.

Hoverboard fail: Scary kid

We have two emotions running through this video. First, that's one skilled toddler. Second, what the hell are the parents doing? Filming it? In our day we could eat a boiled sweet without our parents standing by with the Heimlich manoeuvre.

Hoverboard fail: Them's the breaks

Here beginneth the lesson; if you jump and cock about on your brand new hoverboard this can happen. It seriously can. You have been warned. We'll also warn you that this video of popular YouTuber TmarTn is 12 minutes long, so we suggest you skip forward to around 10 minutes 30 seconds to get to the money shot.

Hoverboard fail: A baby? On a hoverboard? WTF?

This has got to be faked surely, but for the life of us we can't figure out how.

Hoverboard fail: Twerking on a Hoverboard, wowsers!

This, however, is both funny and brilliant. Upside down twerking on... a... hoverboard. There's skill right there. 

Hoverboard fail: Letting the Police loose on Segways

Okay, so this is an actual, bone fide Segway that a US police officer is trying to get to grips with. Doesn't stop it being funny.