Let's face it: the Apple Watch's day-long battery just isn't enough.

Griffin seems to thinks so as well, because at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, it unveiled a new accessory that hangs from your keychain and packs 800mAh of extra power specifically for the Apple Watch.

Called Travel Power Bank, this battery pack is, as you might've guessed, good for when you're traveling around. You can slip it in your pocket or use the keyring and attach it to your keys so you always have it while on the go. It's one of the smallest Apple Watch chargers we've seen.

It features an inductive charging pad, allowing you to plop the power bank onto any surface, then slide your watch off, and rest it on top of the pad. The Travel Power Bank has enough juice to recharge your watch up to four times. The accessory itself charges via microUSB.


On the same side as the microUSB port, you'll find a power button for turning on or off the power bank. And that's it. The idea is pretty basic, and Griffin obviously believes there's enough Apple Watch wearers out there willing to spend £59.99 on the ability to top up from anywhere.

We got a look at the device while at CES 2016 and thought it was a bit weighty, maybe even cumbersome. We also learned it can only charge the Apple Watch. So, don't expect to get some extra battery life for your phone too.

But it looks sleek enough, offers a nice build, and has the potential to be really useful for those of you who use your Apple Watch literally to the point of death every day. Expect it to arrive in the second quarter of this year.