If you've every thought about getting a massage while waiting for the bus, or even while sat in the pub, AiraWear is here to help.

The AiraWear Smart Comfort hoodie, shown off at CES 2016, looks light and comfortable like a normal zip-up hoodie at a glance. But thanks to built-in inflation systems it's able to deliver a massage, wherever you are.

These inflation style massage systems are already used in high-end luxury cars to deliver a similar experience. We've not heard of it being built into a jacket for on the go use yet though.

The hoodie does more than just a basic massage. It can offer healthy posture reinforcement, body compression, biodata feedback through an app as well as a point pressure massage.

The biodata feedback part is useful as this will double as a back care guide. By watching your posture it is able to offer feedback to help improve back alignment and avoid problems in the future.

Of course with these sorts of new offerings we're going to reserve judgement until we've tested it, but for now it seems like a great idea.

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