When it comes to 3D printing news we're pretty selective. But this new creation by Mcor is something that needs shouting about. The Mcor Arke is a full colour desktop 3D printer that looks set to raise the bar in the market.

The objects the Mcor Arke can churn out are rich in colour and high in definition, everything 3D printers have been growing towards for sometime now. Other printers, in the desktop sized and affordable range, generally only offer a few colour options.

The Mcor Arke is able to print at a resolution of 4,800 x 2,400 DPI in "full colour". Just how many colours the Arke has access to isn’t yet clear but judging from the photos of example prints it's plenty. Check out the gallery above. The company also points out that it'll be cheap to run.

The Mcor Arke does not produce any particle emissions or toxic chemicals meaning it's safe for home and school environments. There is also a high resolution LED touchscreen for controls and readouts on printing progress at a glance.

Mcor plans to launch the Arke in Q2 of 2016 for a price of just under $6,000.

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