Zhor Tech Digitsole, the company that made smart soles for shoes, has now designed actual pairs of smart shoes, and one pair is a lot like Back to the Future's self-lacing shoes. They can automatically tighten around your feet.

The shoes, called Smartshoe 001, are like futuristic, athletic-leaning trainers. They work with an Android or iOS app over Bluetooth to track your activity, such as steps and calories burned. They even measure shock absorption. But that's not all: these shoes warm your feet. You can actually adjust the temperature of both the left and right shoe.


Probably the coolest feature however is they're ability to auto-tighten. No need for laces here. These things will give you a snug fit with a press of a button within the app. Zhor Tech has made different versions of its new shoes, one of which is a pair of pumps that also warm up and track activity. They don't tighten around your toes, though.

There's also a more casual pair of trainers that you can wear with an everyday outfit. The pumps and casual sneakers come in different colours, but there's no word yet on pricing. Zhor Tech did tell us however that the Smartshoe 001 will launch in winter 2016 with a starting price of $450. 


That's not exactly small change, but trainers in general - nevertheless smart ones - can sometimes cost quite a bit. Plus, it might be worth forking over the cash for those of you who are Marty McFly diehards.

Unfortunately, we don't think any of these shoes are especially nice-looking. They're first-gen tech though, so maybe the looks can be improved over time.