It is January, which either means you're worrying about losing some of that "Christmas weight" or you're panicking that the London Marathon is now only a couple of months away and that means you've got to knuckle down and do some training.

Gym equipment maker TechnoGym has created a new treadmill that can detect a runner's rhythm and create a personalised interactive music soundtrack for them based on the speed that they are running.

It is something that we've already seen in apps from the likes of Spotify, but it is the first time we've seen it hard coded into a running machine. 


Dubbed the world's first "music interactive treadmill" the Running Music part is found in Technogym's Mywellness cloud-based machine that features a large touchscreen monitor. The system works by letting users log into the running machine with an account that will work on any machine anywhere in the world and access their personal training programmes, favourite entertainment options, and now music.

When a runner is logged in it allows the system to detect a runner's rhythm and then create a personalised interactive music soundtrack to match that rhythm. Speed up the treadmill and the steps per minute (spm) tempo goes up too. 

TechnoGym says the system is able to adjust on the run as the speed changes. The new feature is expected out later this year with the home system starting at around £2,500.