Remember the Blaze Laserlights that appeared on Kickstarter back in January 2014? Now they're going to be installed on London's cycle hire bikes.

London's "Boris Bikes" as they're affectionately known after mayor Boris Johnson got them up and running, will all get the upgraded laser lights. These lights shine the shape of a bicycle six metres in front of the cyclist, making them more visible. This is great for those stepping out from between cars or bikes pulling out onto roads as it allows them to be seen before they arrive.

The laserlights were successfully tested in a trail in September and will now be rolled out to all 11,500 hire bikes early next year.

London Mayor Boris Johnson said: "We're always looking to develop new and innovative ways to help people cycle around the capital more safely and these green lights will help all our cycle hire users to stay seen at night."

TfL announced the bikes with a promotional video inspired by Star Wars that features sports personalities using them including Jensen Button, Jessica Ennis-Hill and Rory McIlroy. The bikes will still be sponsored by Santander after the bank continued the contract on from Barclays which previously ran the cycle hire scheme sponsorship.

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