If you've already seen the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens film, or you're still gagging to go, this should appeal. It's a real ligthsaber.

Well, it's not technically a lightsaber as the sword part isn't made of light. But it's close. This homemade lightsaber uses flame to create the shard of lit power that any earthbound Jedi would be proud to own.

The video comes from YouTube account Sufficiently Advanced and shows off the device in use. It features a condensed and focused flame to create a beam that is effectively a giant lighter. Of course this isn't something we'd recommend trying at home but it does look pretty cool.

The lightsaber cum glorified lighter is encased in a lightsaber case to make it look even more Star Wars authentic. It also includes the classic lightsaber sounds so it feels even more, ahem, real. And yes it can destroy things, as the video shows with those storm trooper faced balloons getting it.

We don't expect to see these mass-produced by Disney or even a licenced third-party anytime soon. Just look at the length of that powerful blue flame. It's clearly not safe for the giant-child type adults that would enjoy owning and playing with one, yes us included.

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