(Pocket-lint) - Health sensors are a fast growing technology right now and inevitably they're beginning to make their way inside our bodies.

While internal health sensors and gadgets have been around for years, like pacemakers for the heart, this heart rate sensor is new.

The ingestible heart rate sensor was developed by scientists at MIT to measure life signs from inside the body. This makes readings accurate while also avoiding contact with the outer body which can be uncomfortable for some people in poor health. Going internally also means less to wear in military or sports situations where monitoring is needed.

This pill sized device can be swallowed to detect heart rate and breathing rate. It does so using a tiny microphone to detect movement through variations in acoustic waves.

The information that is collected internally can be beamed to an external receiver. This can be seen by a doctor, for example, who is monitoring the patient remotely.

The next step is to create a totally wirless, self-sustained version of this device that's FDA approved and can also measure core temperature. This could then be used by doctors in hospitals, the military out in the field, or by athletes when in training.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.