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(Pocket-lint) - There are plenty of schools of thought over whether or not you should run with music or not. In reality both have their benefits, but sometimes you just want to get on the open path and listen to some motivating tunes.

We asked DeeWear, the makers of the new FlyOne Dark Bluetooth headphones that come with a flat hi-vis anti-twist cable and weigh only 15 grams, how music help them to train.

Music Motivates You

Music is a really powerful tool in motivating you to run faster, longer, harder, as well as getting you into an upbeat mood. Many runners can sometimes worry about the complications of listening to music on the go, but they shouldn't. Questions like "won't the cables get in the way" or "will the earbuds get sweaty and horrible" or simply worrying about whether they will just fall out are all common.

The FlyOne headphones are equipped with a system called ear-hook, which allows to keep the earpieces strongly adherent to the ear, and because they are Bluetooth, you can free yourself from wires so you don't have to to deal with dangling cables down your body to where you've stored your phone.

It beats boredom

If you find yourself running the same route over and over again, there is only so many ways you can make it more interesting.

Go the other way around if it is a circular route and you'll be surprised at how different the terrain is and how different everything looks.

Another way to beat the boredom though is to listen to music, podcasts, or audio books to take you away from it all. There are plenty of great playlists that are geared to running different paces and distances, and apps like Spotify will even try and adapt and change according to your running place.

Listening to the audio version of your latest book is also another great way to multi-task.

If your doing interval training, put a really fast motivational track in amongst the mix to really push yourself and if it starts raining mid-way through, don't worry, the FlyONE headphones are really resistant to sweat and rain, just make sure your music makes the most of the environment you are in.

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It inspires longer workouts

Whether you are going for 20 minutes or five hours (the same length of time the battery lasts for the FlyOne Dark headphones incidentally) listening to music or a podcast can make you’re the time fly by. One minute you are struggling to get past the first mile, the next you are enjoying the rhythm and it is mile four.

If you really want your runs to last longer, create a playlist that is the length of time you want to run for, that way when the last track comes on you'll know you've only got a couple of minutes left and are more likely to keep going than stopping.

Setting the pace

Music can really help you set the pace whether you are running in the morning or last thing at night. For relaxing runs pick relaxing easy to listen to music. Faster paced music like The Prodigy or Chemical Brothers will get you going faster, there is no doubt about that.

FlyONE’s audio bets on sound clarity making it perfect for all times of music. The mid-frequencies are defined and the treble brilliant. The bass is smooth in order to give an optimal gain when the earpiece is perfectly adhering to the auricle. There is also a great isolation, all of which helps when you need to hear that music to empower you further.

The FlyOne Dark headphones are Bluetooth 4.1 ready, and work with both Siri on iOS devices, and with voice commands on Android and Microsoft devices. They can also work with the Apple Watch meaning you don't have to take your phone on your runs at all.

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