Starbucks has opened a new shop in the theatre district of London that aims to test out, and show off, just how technologically advanced it can be.

The new high-tech Starbucks has been unveiled as a testbed for future technology. The most impressive of which is the complete lack of till, and therefore lack of queues. The Starbucks app allows for all ordering, from your seat, for easy access.

Plus there are Powermat wireless chargers dotted about the store for recharging phones. All that and, as you'd expect Wi-Fi - but super-fast Wi-Fi, as this shop doesn't do things by standard measures it seems.

Not sure what to choose? The menus are now displayed on large television screens. That means they can change throughout the day. This isn't just a show-off move though - it's needed for the new, ever changing menu. This Starbucks features a "micro kitchen" where food is prepared freshly throughout the day, varying to suit the time. So that digital menu updates from breakfast to lunch to dinner.


Since this shop is in the theatre district, and serves dinner, it also serves alcohol. Special sommeliers have been called in to offer a selection of wines and beers to compliment the food and high tech coffee machines.

There are five coffee machines in this store to offer the best preparation method for the type of coffee ordered. There's Clover for a vacuum sucking method, Black Eagle for standard coffee shop fayre, Syphon for a cool glass look and ideal taste, plus Chemex and Pour Over for filter fans.

The Starbucks tech test bed is open now at the WC2H 9EA store in London near Leicester Square station, if you fancy giving it a try. Or check out our photo gallery above for a virtual tour.

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