(Pocket-lint) - The Holy Grail of covert ops and pranks alike, invisibility, is still yet to be cracked. But scientists have been making discoveries more and more of late. The most recent discovering is able to hide micro object and, scientist say, could be scaled up.

The clever material engineers at the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory have created a super thin cloak that can bend light around objects, rendering them invisible. The catch? It only works on a micro scale right now.

The cloak worked in tests using metamaterials to curve light around an object the size of a few biological cells. The effect can be turned on or off easily.

The creators say this is different to previous discoveries because it can be applied to any shape and can also work in an air environment. This is one of the reasons it will be a suitable cloak for scaling to larger sizes and varying objects in the real world.

It's also claimed the cloak is easy to create and is "potentially scalable for hiding macroscopic objects". Here's hoping they work out how to supersize it soon so we can start pranking people with floating objects.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.