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(Pocket-lint) - The Wasp (World's Advanced Saving Project) BigDelta 3D printer is a 40-foot beast that aims to tackle the problem of disaster relief by making new houses.

Not only is the mighty delta 3D printer aiming to produce houses from 3D printing but it should do it with near zero costs thanks to using local materials.

Building houses, with varying designs to suit different environments, is something the BigDelta 3D printer aims to do on earth and perhaps one-day off world too.

The BigDelta uses a rotating nozzle that doubles as a mixer. This is able to keep the printing materials in the correct state for extrusion. It reportedly only requires tens of watts to operate and can use many materials from clay to mud. These can be reinforced using small amounts of chemical additives.

Waspmake an entire house from the giant wasp bigdelta 3d printer nearly for free image 2

Wasp says it's even working on ways to add insect repellant to the materials so the buildings resist pests in areas that could benefit from that.

According to Wasp the printers will be used internationally, outside of disaster areas also. The town of Iglesias in Sardinia has apparently enquired about using the printers to build housing units.

The Wasp BigDelta 3D printer will be shown off in more detail at a 3-day event beginning on 18 September.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.