Are you a butterfingered iPhone addict who cannot even visit the toilet without the aid of your touchscreen second-brain?

If so, you might be glad to hear that there is an actual product that has been invented specifically to ensure you don’t drop your precious smartphone down the loo.

After all, while you’re texting or WhatsApp’ing away, happily oblivious to the rest of your surroundings, it’s an all-too-easy mistake to let the mobile in your hand slip out of your grip and straight down the lavvy…


So if you are adamant that you are still not going to find yourself a decent phone insurance deal, you really do need the KEEEP Finger Holder Stand.  

Designed by South Korea’s Kevin Designs, the KEEEP gives the toilet-based user two handy finger holes (no sniggering at the back!) with which you can ensure that you will never drop your £800 mobile down the loo ever again.

The case also doubles up as a stand for those times when you are in the toilet for some time and wish to catch up on some TV, for example. And, somewhat strangely, it can also be connected to a neck chain.

Alternatively, of course, you could just go and buy some decent phone insurance from the likes of Worry+Peace. Whoever you buy insurance from, it’s always wise to shop around, read the terms and check the insurers behind the products are worth their salt.

The KEEEP Finger Holder Stand, $15

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