The XYZ 3D Food Printer was shown off at IFA 2015 with plenty of tasty treats being churned out.

Unlike most 3D printers, this wonder machine uses plastic syringe-like tubes as extruders. That means you can fill them with pretty much anything you want, like cookie dough or chocolate sauce, and the printer does the work for you. 

Layers of the fluids are extruded to build up a final shape. This results in ridged layers as the resolution can only be so sharp when working with food fluids.

The printer can hold up to three different extruder fluids at a time meaning it's possible to make multilayered and multicoloured foods. From cookies with sauce shapes to pizza bases with toppings, it should be able to handle everything.

A biscuit, for example, should be printed out in about three-minutes. This can then be baked in a separate oven so it's ready to eat.

The printer features a 5-inch LCD touchscreen but also connects to a Windows computer via USB. Any creations can be made in the software and sent to the printer.

The printers can even be used for decorating flat surfaces. So placing a cake in the device is possible as it has sensors to recognise the area and can then print the patterns on top automatically.

The XYZ 3D Food Printer is €1800 which is about £1,300.

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