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(Pocket-lint) - During IFA 2015, audiophile brand Astell&Kern will launch the world's first in-ear headphones to feature Beyerdynamic's Tesla technology.

The portable high-end audio specialist will debut its AK Ti8e earphones, which will cost £799 a pair and be made individually by hand by German company Beyerdynamic. The Tesla unique driver design utilises powerful ring magnet tech that is capable of transmitting the entire audible frequency spectrum within a single driver.

That means a single driver can reproduce deep bass and high treble frequencies with complete accuracy. Because of which the AK Ti8e in-ears are claimed to offer comparable performance to a four-way Balanced Armature system - for those who are au fait with such things.

In addition to the new driver technology, which has never before been used in devices with such small form factors, the earphones come with a leather carry case, detachable Kevlar-reinforced cables and eight choices of ear-tip. The latter includes five silicone eartips and four Comfy Foam tips.

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A special 2.5mm four-pin connection cable is also included to hook them up to one of Astell&Kern's portable high-res music players.

The AK Ti8e earphones will be available to purchase in the UK from October. We hope to catch up with them at IFA next week too.

Writing by Rik Henderson.