Virgin Media has been the headline sponsor of the V Festival for many a year now, but this is the first where the company has had on-site Wi-Fi so stable that customers could get a connection almost all weekend. And what's more, a lucky few were treated to an even better tech experience, as they got to stay in a supercharged bell tent in its Lounder Lounge VIP area.

Pocket-lint spent some time in the tech-crammed tent and we have to say that the line-up of gadgets and goodies inside made it difficult to go back outside to actually see any bands.

For a start, as well as it's own Wi-Fi hotspot, the tent's centrepiece was an LG 65EC970V 65-inch 4K OLED Smart TV, which was hooked up to a PS4 with forthcoming game Guitar Hero Live pre-loaded. Not only could you pretend you were on stage rather than just watching a band, you'd also avoid being showered in indeterminate liquids of different temperatures, to boot.

The tent also sported a beer pump, Teksta Robotic Dog for if you needed company, an iKettle, Wi-Fi-controlled Playbulb solar lights and a smartphone projector to shine your festival Instagrams onto the canvas at the end of each day.

LG has also supplied a healthy collection of other kit, including an LG G4 phone, wireless sound bar, smartwatch, Music Flow Wi-Fi speakers, and two G Pad tablets in 7- and 10-inch sizes. In short, there was more tech inside that one tent than in most of our homes.

You should check out the pics of the supercharged tent in our gallery above and let us know if you would've ever left the tent to rejoin the rest of the festival.