Ministry of Sound has been moving more and more into the quality end of the audio speaker and headphone market of late, with the Audio S Plus portable Bluetooth speaker being a particular recent highlight. However, it won't end there.

Indeed, the company is about to take on the likes of Sonos and Denon with a Bluetooth speaker range that includes a model with Wi-Fi and multiroom connectivity.

The Audio M and Audio M Plus Bluetooth speakers look identical and are capable of playing high res music wirelessly though apt-X Bluetooth. In addition, both can be coupled with another in the family for true stereo sound, and they come with rechargeable batteries so can be shifted around the house as well as wired into the mains.

The Audio M Plus adds the multiroom connectivity, where multiple speakers can be grouped, with different songs able to be played to different speaker groups or to the entire collection. You can also play music on them from a variety of sources, including the internet, A2DP devices and DLNA-capable home servers through the dedicated Ministry Audio app.

Ministry of Sound

DJ and producer Phil Faversham tuned the new speakers and also told Pocket-lint why the Ministry of Sound was heading into the high end and quality audio market. "A lot of clubs spend more money on lights than they do on the sound system, but with us from day one it was always about the sound system before anything else. So really, we’ve always been a sound brand just as much as a music brand," he said.

"Our sound system is most of all about clarity, and very low distortion. People often say they are surprised, given how loud it is, that they don’t leave the club with their ears ringing. That’s because of the quality of our sound. And we’ve brought that same quality to bear in the development of the new audio products."

What's more, each of the speakers has a one-touch "Live from the Club" feature, where you can instantly get a live stream from London's Ministry of Sound every Friday and Saturday night at the touch of a button. That way you can find out for yourself.

The Audio M and Audio M Plus wireless speakers will be available later this month, August, for £149.99 and £199.99 respectively.