Even we'll admit that drones can be intimidating.

They're difficult to steer, cumbersome to transport, and often super expensive. The list of negatives goes on further, but despite all that, we still love and can't get enough of them. For instance, when it comes to capturing sweeping landscapes or accessing hard-to-reach places, drones are everything.

But what if you could get a drone that is easier to control and carry around (and it's relatively affordable)? That sounds like an ideal drone to us too. So, meet Fotokite Phi. It's a GoPro-carrying quadrocopter attached to a retractable leash. Designed by Perspective Robotics AG, it has just landed on Indiegogo.

The Phi folds down and fits inside a tube, making it ultraportable. When equipped with your GoPro camera, it'll weigh only 350 grams (12.3 ounces). To fly this drone, unfold the arms, twist a lock on top. A button on the back will turn on the quadcopter and your GoPro. From there, it'll fly upward to take shots overhead or tilted up.

Simply point it in the direction you want to record, then make twisting-like gestures with your wrist, and the drone will spin away. It has a processor and different sensors that allow it to figure out which direction you want it to move. But it'll only fly for up to 10 minutes, and the retractable Smart Leash extends to just 8 metres.

To charge the Phi, plug it in via USB. If this new-and-unique type of drone piques your interest, the Fotokite Phi is now on Indiegogo with a crowdfunding goal of $300,000. You can get one for $260 (£165). But if you miss the early bird special, the price goes up to $350 (£225).

Perspective Robotics AG expects to ship the Phi in early 2016.