Real-life robots that will make you think the future is now

This is a robot that looks like a bear that's designed to help lift elderly patients from their beds into a wheelchair. (image credit: Lazy Engineers)
Spot is just one of many different robots created by Boston Dynamics. (image credit: Google Boston Dynamics)
Here's a robot we can all get behind. One that helps with remote working while allowing you to communicate easily with colleagues. (image credit: Ava Robotics Inc.)
Sofia is a humanoid-like robot that's capable of holding a conversation. She might be one of the most well-known robots around. (image credit: CNBC)
ASIMO can recognise the faces and voices and is even able to accurately predict what you'll do next. (image credit: Honda)
This little bot not only speaks Japanese, English, and Chinese but can also help you open a bank account. (image credit: Aldebaran Robotics' Nao)
This company is working on local delivery robots capable of delivering parcels within a two-mile radius. (image credit: Starship Technologies)
This beastly robot not only stands at 3.8 meters tall, but also weilds a BB Gatling gun that can pump out 6,000 rounds per minute (image credit: Amazon Japan)
Kuri is sold as "an intelligent robot for the home" with microphones, speakers, facial recognition cameras and more. (image credit: Kuri)
This compact luggage robot is designed to follow you around while you're out and about in town or on the way to work. (image credit: Piaggio Fast Forward)
Here's a robot powered coffee bar built with the power to deliver the very best in speciality coffee via advanced automation. (image credit: Cafe X Technologies, Inc.)
This a robot designed to care. It's designed to be able to open doors, climb stairs and even reach for objects while going about its care duties. (image credit: Softbank Robotics)
Muruta is the world's first robot cheerleader. Because that's something we need. (image credit: Murata)
Survelliance robots the size of insects. Terrifying stuff. (image credit: Harvard)
A robot kangaroo. Why not? (image credit: Festo)
What more could you want than a fully-automated cooking robot that can cook for you. (image credit: Moley Robotics)
The Panasonic Robot Egg is a desktop robot companion that uses artificial intelligence-based natural language processing technology to communicate with you. (image credit: Panasonic Corporation)
Here's another general-purpose robot designed to help out with house hold chores. We can't wait until this becomes the norm. (image credit: Aeolus Robotics)
This simple looking bot is designed to deliver groceries and is currently doing so to 700 households in Singapore. A small taste of the future. (image credit: