Do you have trouble getting up in the morning? Is it a struggle to raise your sleepy head and start the day? If so, you need a High Voltage ejector bed.

Madcap inventor and YouTube sensation Colin Furze was commissioned to make exactly that by coffee brand High Voltage.

Furze, who was also once co-presenter on Sky One's Gadget Geeks alongside ex-Pocket-linter Ian Morris, built a single bed that features an air compression system and two pistons to propel the inhabitant out rapidly.

At it lowest setting, it slides the sleeper to the floor, but as Furze demonstrates in the final test video, the air levels can be ramped up and the action becomes much more violent.

We love the end trick of being able to slide on a pair of shorts automatically, in Wallace and Gromit style.

To also aid in the bed's alarm system, Furze added horns and lights. "Anyone who could still stay asleep when this goes off is not human," he told Mashable.

Clearly, the concept of an ejector bed is not exactly being rushed through to full production, with the High Voltage sample simply being used to help sell coffee.

Still, it is rather cool though.