A company has taken Star Trek's iconic Communicator (the "last remaining Communicator prop in the universe", in fact), 3D-scanned every curve, line, and texture of the original housing, and recreated the device from die-cast metal.

But that's not the best part: the replica is a fully-functioning Bluetooth handset. We're not kidding. This is basically the ultimate collectors items for Trekkies. It's not only a piece of nostalgia but also a portable speaker for your phone. It's constructed from aluminium and even has a magnetic stand for wireless charging.

It also has a microphone for placing phone calls. According to The Wand Company, which makes other Bluetooth wands, including the Doctor Who Sonic Screwdrivers and a Star Trek phaser, you'll be able to answer any connected smartphone by simply flipping open the device's antenna grille. Seriously - how cool is that?

Other features include "authentic Star Trek sounds and conversation fragments". Yeah. We know. Amazing. If any of this interests you, The Wand Company said it'll debut the Communicator at Comic-Con in San Diego this week.

Fireboxthis is a real life star trek communicator that actually works as a bluetooth handset image 2

The Communicator is also available to pre-order for £119.95 from Firebox, although it won't ship until January 2016.