With the San Diego Comic Con to start next week, 9 July, cosplayers will be eagerly ironing their superhero suits and dusting off the manga shoulderpads but no matter how good they will look, we doubt they'll be able to match the stunning Batman: Arkham Origins suit made by Order 66's Julian Checkley. And what's more, a significant portion of its was 3D printed.

Order 66 Creatures and Effects makes cosplay replicas of movie and game character suits and in the Batman outfit it has really pushed the boat out.

Not only was the chest plate and the harder parts of the design printed but built into the suit is a real-life gauntlet fireball gun. Yep, it really can shoot a ball of flames. It's quite extraordinary.

In addition, the custom built Batarangs can fold like those in the comics and game for storage and an electronic wrist computer displays a loop of the Detective Mode sonar pings from the game.

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The suit was hand-painted using airbrushing techniques and even the visible rivets that hold it all together are real.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, a six-foot six Checkley said that wearing it for the first time started off weird but soon he felt like Batman himself. "At first you feel like a bit of an idiot; you're a 45-year old guy dressed in a Batman suit. But you soon forget after a while, and I looked pretty intimidating," he explained.

"It's the most comfortable, lightest, most flexible costume we've ever made. You could go and fight crime in it."