Barclaycard has released new ways for customers to use tap to pay. Now not only can wireless payments be made from cards but also from a wristband, key ring fob or sticker.

The bPay wearables will work with any bank. This is thanks to a multi-platform app and online portal which work with any UK Visa or MasterCard. Essentially it's a credit card you can wear.

The wireless payment system works similarly to Baclaycards' current offering with a limit of £20. This will rise to £30 in September and works at over 300,000 locations in the UK.

While the tap to pay will work freely, there is also an option to put money in the account and limit spend to that amount. This could be ideal for setting yourself a limit or giving one to your child on a day out. And if spending without pin worries you, there are email and text reminders to let you know what's been spent.

The bPay wristband obviously goes on the wrist, the bPay fob can attach to a key ring, while the sticker can go on the rear of a phone, or anything else you wish to tap to pay with.

The bPay gadgets can be bought from Snow + Rock shops from August as well as online.

bPay launched last year where we took it to a festival to try it out. See what we thought in our story below.

If you are tempted you can pick up the sticker for £15, fob for £20 or band for £25, from August.

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