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(Pocket-lint) - Pepper is a Japanese humanoid robot which is able to sense emotion and exhibit its own feelings.

After going on sale in Japan, the robot made by Softbank was sold out in just a minute. Granted there were only 1,000 to be bought but they are not cheap. Pepper costs the equivalent of £1,000 plus a £125 monthly fee for data and insurance.

Pepper is able to read facial expressions as well as words and surroundings. It can make decisions based on those inferences. Using cameras and various other sensors the robot is able to generate its own emotions. Softbank says "he" works in a way similar to the human hormonal response to stimuli.

Pepper can sigh or raise his voice to express feelings. He can even get scared when the lights go out and can become happy when praised.

On top of the emotional programming, Pepper has 200 applications that are available for download. One useful app, called Pepper Diary, works to record everyday life in the form of a robotic scrapbook of photos. The more time spent with the robot earns more points, which can unlock other apps.

Softbank plans to launch a version of Pepper for businesses which it calls Pepper for Biz, details will be announced in July for an autumn release.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 22 June 2015.